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They provide all general housekeeping functions, including vacuuming, dusting, sweeping and mopping the floors; thoroughly cleaning the bathroom and kitchen in occupied homes. They have, however, asked us not to refer them to move-in or move-out services.

You simply prepare a list of priorities so you get the job done that way you would like. Feel free to download the Housekeeper Task List for sample priorities you may want your housekeeper to perform. (This document is in Word format so you can edit and print to your liking.)

The housekeepers are committed to keeping your home environment healthy, so they use your equipment and supplies. This just makes sense because you know what products you like on your furnishings and it is more hygienic then bringing in sponges and brushes from another client's home into yours.

For a list of recommended supplies and equipment, you can download the Housekeeper Equipment and Supplies List for recommended equipment and supplies to get the job done right (125 kb, PDF document.)

Looking for a special gift?

For the most thoughtful gift ever, give one of our gift certificates to someone important to you. Divine Housekeeping Services gift certificates are the perfect present for a wedding or baby shower – or to help a loved one recovering from illness or surgery. You can purchase one over the phone using VISA or MasterCard, and we'll send it where ever you wish. Just call us at 206-755-5734.


Divine's does not refer housekeepers for move-out or move-in cleanings. We are pleased to recommend several companies that specialize in cleaning empty homes. We have referred these companies for many years and they do excellent work.

- King County - Inside-Out Cleaning Services - 206.729.8788

- Pierce County - A-1 Taskmasters - 253.858.6814

Call 206-755-5734 or click to request an appointment online!